måndag 23 februari 2015

Bridge and water - 2

Hi readers! I've gotten a cold again :( Seems like I'm always sick this time of the year, but I hope it'll get better the more summer-like it gets. But don't worry, I'm going to go to Gothenburg Horse Show! It's just so much fun and I can't miss it just because my immune defence fails me.
Anyway, here's part two of my photos from yesterday. Hope you like it! :) Also, note that the sun is showing and that yesterday felt very much like spring, but it snowed today...

söndag 22 februari 2015

Bridge and water - 1

Hello everyone! I met up with a friend and we biked pretty far away from my home to shoot some pictures nearby a bridge. The bridge itself was mostly hidden behind some trees but it's also a stream floating by and under the bridge. I mostly took pictures of and around the stream but some was on the bridge too. But I'm going to split these photos up to two or three separate posts. That's because I'm going to Gothenburg Horse Show at Wednesday and Thursday evening. I won't post anything "new" those days, but I was thinking to post part two and three then :)

fredag 20 februari 2015

Yellow tulips!

Hi readers! You might remember the post I made about purple/lilac tulips a while ago. Now it's time again but it's new angles, new flowers, new colours and all that. But it's still tulips and I hope you'll like it! I love shooting pictures of flowers (as you might know already) but it's not really any flowers outside so you take what you got! :) In case you're wondering, it's three different flowers and that's why the colour varies a little bit.
Have a nice weekend! :)

onsdag 18 februari 2015

A summer memory #6

Good evening everybody! It's been a lot of cold, rainy and windy days over here, so I think it's about time for another summer memory. This memory is from some summers ago, more exact during the midsummer. It's just some summery pictures I shoot back then and I can smell the warmth from these photos.

måndag 16 februari 2015

Candles and cat!

Hello everyone! Today's post might be a little bit boring but I've just been very tired and cold after this day at school. It's nothing special, I just fell asleep late last night, but I really just felt like not doing much today. Therefore, it's just Maja and a scented candle today. But I can say that the candle smells like pears and it's just wonderful :)

söndag 15 februari 2015

Black and white collage

Hello! This post is about just what it says it'll be about. I've simply made a collage whit pictures all in black and white. Since I fairly never take any good pictures of myself the picture of me is from November last year. I had that picture in a post back then, but the other pictures are all new. Hope you've had a nice weekend!

lördag 14 februari 2015

Valentines day!

Happy valentines day! To celebrate today, I've made heart-shaped cupcakes in blue and pink silicon forms that I got for Christmas. They're decorated with pink frosting that had a slight bit of white in it and pink flowers. I think the cupcakes turned out so pretty and they were delicious as well! :) I hope you're having a good valentines day!

fredag 13 februari 2015

Winter day

Hi readers! Today's just been a normal winter day. I shoot some more pictures of sunsets again, I usually just do that during the summer but a nice, cold winter day can make a beautiful sunset! It's getting brighter every day now too, a month ago I'd barley come home from school and it was dark :p

torsdag 12 februari 2015

My 15th birthday!

Hello reader! As promised, here's the pictures from my 15th birthday. I shoot a bit of pictures on my beautiful cake (thanks mum!) and the other sweet treats :) Everything was so delicious and out guests thought so too! One of my great presents was two days at Gothemburg Horse Show and I'm really exited for that. :)

tisdag 10 februari 2015

Birthday sneak peak!

Good evening readers! I'm just going to make a quick post before I'm going to bed. Tomorrow is my birthday and my mum is making me this (hopefully) amazing cake. I got to see some of the elements, and taste them as well. I wanted hortensia and roses on top of my cake that will go in this kind of apricot colour. It's going to be other things as well, like cake-pops and I shoot some pictures of the flowers and cake pops!
A post about my birthday and the all done cake is probably coming the day after tomorrow since it's my birthday tomorrow and I'm probably going to be a bit busy then. Enjoy! :)

fredag 6 februari 2015

Cats during the winter...

Hi readers! Time for some later-than-usually-blogging :) I had thought of going outside again and shoot some nice pictures, but the snow is melting away. Maybe I can make a post about melting snow tomorrow? Today's the cats day. For a person that doesn't have a cat or maybe have a cat in a warmer climate you must think of a long-haired cat that pulses through the snow, right? Well, that's not how things go whit Maja, Tigra or Sessan. They just sleep and eat all day, maybe they try and go out but they come right back in again. Sometimes they play with each other or a toy, but they mostly just sleep and eat. :p
And yes, it's another collage. But don't worry. I won't make it a thing or something like that. I just happened to think that it would be nice whit a collage two days in a row! :)

torsdag 5 februari 2015

Flowers from the potpurri

Hello readers! I forgot posting yesterday so it's a day late. The pictures are new, I just shoot them in the living room. Today it's flowers again, I love shooting pictures of flowers and it's nice because the pictures turn out more or less good whatever you do. The only thing you have to have in mind is to keep the focus right! (If not it might be hard so see what you want to show.)
This flowers is from my mums potpurri. They are dried and therefore the colour isn't very vibrant. I like the look of it anyway, it's a bit of a vintage look over it. Hope you enjoy it! :)

måndag 2 februari 2015

Purple tulips!

Good evening readers! I know that I've been gone a whole week, but it's been a terrible week. It started with stomach flu and ended whit a cold. I didn't do anything else than sit in my room and drink blubbery soup. The single good thing that happened was that it started snowing again, it's still snowing and I'm thinking about making a post whit pictures from outside on Wednesday.
  For today's post I'm just going to show some pictures of these purple tulips my mum brought the other day. I miss summer and spring isn't really right around the corner yet, so the most summer-like are the tulips I guess. Hope you like it! :)