torsdag 30 juli 2015

Lilac and green

Hello there! I've made a lot of posts with lilac flowers lately, and the trend continues I guess because here is another post with lilac flowers again. Today I decided to take some photos before I put on my lenses and that was a good idea because I think todays photos turned out good. It wasn't too rainy today, or it was raining a lot when I woke up but it gradually got better during the day. Some clods where still left so I didn't have to fight the annoying direct sunlight that always gives me overexposed photos :)

I also threw in a photo of some moss because I didn't really know what to do with that photo but I still liked it enough that I wanted to do something with it. It also gave me the opportunity to name the post something better than just "Lilac flowers","Purple flowers", "More flowers" or "Lilac again".

onsdag 29 juli 2015

Maja being cute

Hi everybody! I got lenses today and it's hurting behind my eyes and in my head. Even if it's all normal I don't really feel like spending so much time on taking any photos today. Mostly I just want to sit down with my eyes closed because that makes it feel better. I also poked myself in the eye numerous times trying to get my lenses in and out so there's that too.

I had these photos of Maja just laying around, she was sitting under the table outside and looking cute. Everything she does is cute in my opinion but when she intensively stares at people like in the first photo people (who doesn't have experience with cats) tend to be scared of her. I just find it so funny. She never look at me like that unless she want something and in this photo I was eating something she wanted me to share with her I believe :)

tisdag 28 juli 2015


Hi there! As I mentioned the other day the weather is bad and boring. It's not very warm, it rains all the time and I don't want to go outside to take any photos. I really don't want to get my camera wet nor do I want to get myself wet either. Today I did go outside anyway and luckily I didn't get wet. There is a roof over the patio and that sheltered me.

When I was outside today I thought of the post from yesterday. I know that I previously tried to take photos of the rain but that failed because I didn't know how to use or change my shutter. If you read my latest photo tips I tell you how a high shutter freezes the photo faster than a low shutter. A year ago I had no idea about that, just look at the first photo. It's from a post I made last year and the other photos is from today.

måndag 27 juli 2015

One year anniversary!

Hello! One year ago, in the middle of the night I made my first blog post on Issapixlat. It was a short post titled "Välkommen" (Welcome) and I only had one photo. I remember that I really liked that photo and I was super happy with it. It's just two sentences or so, first in Swedish and then in English. The translation is very bad, I probably just copy and pasted the Swedish text into google translate... Somehow I managed to spell a bit wrong too.

Now for this post I was thinking about re-taking the photo. Basically I wanted to recreate my own photo but in another way that shows my progress(?) from the last year. I used the same flowers and all photos where taken on the same black stone.

söndag 26 juli 2015

Almost a year

Hello everyone! Tomorrow I've been posting to this blog for a whole year. That's really crazy. I hadn't been thinking too much about the blog being one year because I thought I started the 30th July, so when my phone vibrated and the note said that my blog was I year old tomorrow I got a little panic. For my 100th post I went to a circus and shoot photos, so what should I do for the blog's birthday? My first thought was to just blog as usually and pretend like nothing happened, but that would have turned out a bit boring. Finally I came up with a - in my opinion - good idea that I will show all of you tomorrow.

Today was very rainy and cold so I didn't want to go outside and the thing for tomorrow took a bit of time. Because of that I'm just going to go ahead and post some photos that gives a tiny hint about what tomorrow's post is going to be about. I don't want to give anything away so it's just two photos, so stay tuned! :)

lördag 25 juli 2015

Late evening photos

Hello readers! I always blog late, especially now during summertime. Still, I really try to take my photos while it's still daylight outside. Yesterday I was having a bad headache and I just wanted to lay down in bed with my cat. When it started to get a little darker I felt better so I went outside and just took some very random photos. The plan was to post the sponsored one today and today's post yesterday - does that make sense? But I just couldn't stand picking out the best ones, editing the photos and so on. The advert post was already done because I always do 'special' posts like photo tips, review etc, some days before I post them.

I'm also getting really active on instagram! I post a new photo almost every day. Sometimes I think about posting more than once a day, photos that isn't related to any blogpost. I might start doing that next week or so - I just have to make up my mind about what those other things could be - you will probably notice :)

fredag 24 juli 2015

Ge bort ett minne med

Sponsrat inlägg
(This post is written in Swedish because it's addressed to my Swedish readers but you can translate the post with the help of the translation you find in the left column)

 Hejsan! När man ger bort någonting vill man att det ska vara något minnesvärt och uppskattat. Men ibland kan det vara svårt att hitta och välja ut just det där som mottagaren kommer att älska. Jag själv har bara fått och gett fysiska saker som böcker och presentkort, men med kan du ge bort någonting som garanterat kommer skapa minnen för en lång tid framöver.

På hemsidan kan man, som namnet antyder, hitta upplevelser för alla. Det finns fotbollsresor, westernridning, naturfotografering, herrgårdsövernattningar och mycket mer. Prisklassen varierar från 150kr till +10,000kr beroende på hur mycket pengar du vill lägga. Upplevelserna kan filtreras genom kategorier som Djur&Natur eller Mors dag etc. Och om du verkligen inte kan bestämma dig kan man köpa och ge bort ett presentkort så att mottagaren själv får välja sin egen upplevelse.

Förra sommaren åkte jag på en båttur i Stockholm och skrev ett inlägg om det med jättefina bilder, samma upplevelse finns att köpa och kanske kan du få ännu bättre bilder än mig? Du kan clicka här för att komma till den upplevelsen. Men när jag tittade där hittade jag sightseeing med flygplan istället, inget för den flygrädda men nog blir det en upplevelse! Du kan clicka här för att komma till flygplans sightseeing. Eller varför inte flyga luftballong med en vän?

torsdag 23 juli 2015

Tigra and Sessan

Hello everybody! It feels like ages ago since Tigra or Sessan where to be seen in any post, so it's there time today. I know that a lot of posts have photos of Maja in them... my instagram also has a lot of photos of her. She is probably the cat I have most photos of. I never really thought about that until today when I was thinking about making another post with Maja and then realizing that Tigra and Sessan barley have been in any posts this month.

Tigra is sleeping on a pillow I made, it's laying on the floor under my radiator and next to my rubbish bin. Because of the rubbish bin I wasn't able to get any nice photos of her except for these ones. I used other angles too but then I couldn't crop out the bin so it was just not very many photos this time. And Sessan was just sleeping :)

onsdag 22 juli 2015

Lilac flowers

Hi there! I was outside in the garden today and shoot some photos of lilac flowers. The photos turned out very white and I didn't know why. I was really confused. Then all of a sudden they turned out way to dark and I didn't know what was wrong. It took me a while before I realized that I changed my shutter speed when I tried to focus. That explained why the photos turned out so bad even though the lighting was good (it was very cloudy today) and why my focus was so bad. Haha, I'm glad I realized my mistake and in the end got some good photos.

I hope you enjoyed yesterdays photo tips as much as I enjoy writing them, and if you are not very interested in taking your own photos I hope you at least could look at the example photos! :)

tisdag 21 juli 2015

Photo tips: Light - aperture, shutter speed, ISO speed

Hi there! In this part I'm going to talk about how to get the perfect light by putting together aperture, shutter and ISO speed. I've put a little cheat sheet in the summary with an example of when these three things work good together but every photo can be different so read and see how you can get the light in your photo exactly as you want it! I also say a few things about DOF because it's also something that you change with aperture.


In most cameras you will see what aperture you are using on the display. It's most of the time an 'f' before a number. You might see it like f8 or with any other number. Aperture is the thing that decides how much or little light your sensor gets. It does this by covering an area of your lens. A high f-value (or aperture value) covers less of your lens than a lower f-value.

The f-value is measured in the following numbers: 1 1,4 2 2,8 4 5,6 8 11 16 22 32

Most cameras analyses the lighting and gives you an example of f-value that it thinks might work well, but it might not always work. Aperture can make your photos overexposed or underexposed because it's controlling the amount of light your sensor gets. Because of this, you might need to know how the numbers work. It's pretty simple: every time you move a number higher (to the right) your sensor will get half the amount of light it had at the previous number.

Depth of field (DOF)
There is two kinds of DOF. Small DOF (shallow focus), this gives you a blurry background and/or foreground and makes the motive "pop". Big DOF (deep focus) is usually used in landscape photos, the whole photo is sharp from foreground to background. You change DOF by changing your f-value according to the following rules:

→ A big f-value gives a small DOF
→ A small f-value gives a big DOF

Using f11
Using f4















Shutter speed

Shutter speed is basically how long time your cameras shutter is open. You can probably find this in the display, it looks like the number one divided with another number. Example or shutter speed is 1/30 (one thirtieth of a second), 1/100 (one hundredth of a second), 1/400 (one hundredth of a second). There is a lot of different shutter speeds.

A fast shutter speed will freeze your photo fast. It's good to use a high shutter speed if you want a sharp photo of a sport, something falling or anything moving that you want to be sharp. Lower shutter speed can be used if you for example want to take a photo in a crowded street and want show the peoples movement: instead of freezing them in a step and get a sharp photo of them you will see them more like a blurred line of movement.

Using 1/800
Using 1/1200 (with flash)

ISO speed

When you use a high ISO your camera get more sensitive to light. A high ISO is therefore preferable when it's darker but if you use a too high ISO your photo might end up overexposed. When you use a high ISO your photo might also end up noisy or grainy. You would probably want to keep your settings to the lowest ISO possible, especially if you don't use a stative in a dark area.

A higher ISO will make your shutter speed longer and as you already know that can make your photo blurry if something moves. You will have to remember that even if you have a motive that doesn't move and some form of stative you can't just stop caring about your ISO. It can still get under- or overexposed or grainy so remember to keep an eye on your ISO.

Using ISO 800
Using ISO 400

måndag 20 juli 2015

American lemon pie

Hi everybody! Some time ago I made an American lemon pie with lemon curd and meringue and today I made another one. This time I accidentally had double the amount of sugar you where supposed to have in the meringue. In order to fix it I put in more egg whites and it just turned out to be twice the amount of meringue I needed in order to make one pie. So maybe you will see something else that's been made with meringue some time soon?

Maja is so sweet, she is sleeping right next to me and every time I try to move away a little bit - because she is so warm! - she just moves closer to me. I am now stuck in a corner with nothing to do other than stay warm of wake her up. I guess I'm staying warm then... Anyway, I hope you liked my book review because I sure loved reading that book. Photo tips is going to be posted tomorrow and this part is about how to get the lighting perfect :)

söndag 19 juli 2015

Book review: The Housekeeper and the Professor

Title: The Housekeeper and the Professor
Author: Yoko Ogawa
Genre: Fiction
Year published: 2003 in Japanese (2009 in English, 2011 in Swedish)
Pages: ca 200
A place to buy it: If you are in Sweden click here to buy the book of Bokus and if that's not case you can click here to buy if of Amazon

8 minutes memory

The professor is a lonely man that lives on his own, the only person he regularly interacts with seems to be his housekeeper. He solves mathematical problems in magazines, wears an old suit filled with small notes that tells him the things he need to remember. The professor's memory only lasts 8 minutes, he also change housekeeper very often.

One day another new housekeeper arrives. She introduces herself to the professor... and re-introduces herself to him eight minutes later. He never gets to know her because he only remember her name that is on one small note on his suite, but she get to know him. The housekeeper has a son and one day she brings her son to work and the professor meets him. A deep friendship grows between the professor, the housekeeper and her son.

A sweet, heartwarming story

I really love this book. Originally I brought the book because of the good reviews and I was not disappointed. The way the professor cares for the housekeepers son and his general love for children is very sweet. At first the professor is pictured like a recluse but when you reach the book's end you will say goodbye to a much deeper character.

This story don't have space aliens invading earth because is doesn't have to. None of the characters are shallow and that makes you fall in love with them. Some authors tend to spend so much time on the characters that the story is put aside but that is not the case with this one. I don't want to give out too much, but I just have to say that I was thrilled during the baseball match.

lördag 18 juli 2015

Photos from the gif

Hi everyone! A week back or so I made a gif, it was a fail but I still made it and I shoot loads of photos in order to make it. It was about a hundred photos, they all looked kind of similar because I shoot them every 1-3 minutes. Today I picked out my favorite three photos. Usually I crop my photos into squares because it fits the blog best - in my opinion - but today I didn't. I just feel like the reason the gif was such a fail was because I had to crop a big part of it out because it was too big, then you couldn't see the full effect. So here is photos from the gif!

fredag 17 juli 2015

Water splash

Hi there! Some days ago I told you about the last photo tips and that it should be posted some time during next week. Today was the day I decided to shoot some example photos to that post. I'm also going to show you a few of the photos I shoot today, to be honest I really like the water photos. A long time ago I made a post where I dropped a little stone into a bowl filled with water and I enjoyed doing that a lot. This time it's water being poured/splashed into a bird bath and it's outside and not in my kitchen.

Just as promised I'm going to post a book review on one of my favorite reads of this year so stay tuned! You can also always request any book you would like me to read and do a review on, but I think I've already mentioned that :) As for the photo tips I believe it's going to be posted about mid-week or in the beginning of the week, we'll see when I get it completely finished.

torsdag 16 juli 2015

Citiboard - köp och sälj nytt eller gammalt på nätloppis!

Sponsrat inlägg
(This post is written in Swedish because it's adressed to my Swedish readers but you can translate the post with the help of the translation you find in the left column)

Hej allihopa! På den praktiska, lättnavigerade hemsidan kan man hitta både nya och begagnade saker men också sälja sina egna och tjäna en slant. Det är helt gratis att skapa en annons, allt du behöver göra är att registrera ett konto. Du kan lägga upp annons med eller utan bild och skriva en liten beskrivning till den. Andra kan efter det kommentera under din annons och ställa frågor, lägga bud m.m. Man kan också spara och följa de annonser man själv är intresserad av.

Citiboard kan du köpa saker från användare över hela Sverige men om du vill leta efter annonsörer från ett speciellt område kan du klicka dig fram med hjälp av kolumnen till höger. Det finns också kategorier och underkategorier att leta igenom men man kan också göra en sökning om det är något speciellt man letar efter.

Själv gjorde jag en sökning på böcker eftersom det är någonting jag är intresserad av. Jag sökte i hela sverige och hittade direkt något trevligt. Perfekt att titta igenom den här sökningen/kategorin om man letar efter lite sommarläsning. Oftast ligger många böcker tillsammans i en bild och det är bara att peka ut vilka man vill ha.
Böcker för endast 5kr/st! Dom flesta var pocket men jag kan också se några inbundna. Just den här annonsen som du ser på bilden ovanför kommer från Sundsvall.

onsdag 15 juli 2015

Rowing in the lake

Hello readers! Me and my friend went to a lake near my house. We had his inflatable boat and rowed around in the lake. I was scared and panicked a bit, that resulted in water flooding into the boat. Both of us got wet but the boat didn't sink and that made me so happy, I was so scared we would sink and the water was freezing cold. After a long, pretty scary time on the water we got up and I took some photos. Photos of when I'm panicking in the boat exists but I'm not going to share that with you, I believe it's noting for the world to see. But here's some photos of me not panicking in the boat! :)