måndag 26 december 2016

From the train

Hello readers! Sorry, I became a bit unactive during Christmas, but I've been doing nothing, just spending time with my family. Yesterday I did take the train to Gothenburg and did some shopping with one of my friends. I didn't get much in the end, we didn't stay long either because we were both recovering from a cold and felt a little tired. But I did buy a book, this years winner of the Swedish book prize Augustpriset.

On the way home the train kept stopping every so often, because there was a problem with the signals, so I took some photos from the window with my phone. Because it's with my phone the photos don't have that great quality, but I think it's okey anyway.

Lastly I wish all of you (a bit late) happy holidays!

torsdag 22 december 2016

A cold morning

Hello everybody! I was so sure that I had already made a post like this the other month or so, but it turns out I never actually got around to doing it, so here it is now instead. These photos were taken some time ago, in early/mid autumn. You can tall because the leaves and grass still have nice colours.

Today was my first day of the break, and I spent it sleeping until noon, making Christmas candy and reading. Hopefully I'll manage to do something more productive than this on some of the other days, because after all I do have a couple of assignments to do before school starts again.

onsdag 21 december 2016

December evening...

Hello readers! Today was my last day of school, I had train problems during the morning but after that everything went smoothly. Now I'm going to read a lot and sleep in with my cat. I did not take any photos today, because it gets dark very quickly this time of year. Today was actually the winter solstice, the shortest/darkest day of the year. So I really didn't get any time too, but I thought a photo of the Christmas tree might be good enough since it's Christmas very soon.

tisdag 20 december 2016


Hello everyone! For today's post I've taken some photos from Gothenburg. I realized that I never actually taken any photos of this city, even though I'm here everyday. These photos might not be the greatest since I was really cold - because I thought it wouldn't be that windy today, turns out I was wrong - and didn't really pay that much attention to the photos. I just wanted to go inside, and the weather was not the best today.

I took these photos around lunchtime, but in the mornings the little river creates mist that lay between the trees, and it look very nice during the sunrise. Unfortunately I was a bit too late, but this morning it looked better than when I took the photos.

måndag 19 december 2016

Mint chocolate truffles

Hello readers! It has been such a long time since last post, I really didn't think I would be this infrequent with my posting. On the other hand I have really not thought about blogging, I've been quite busy lately, but it's a lot of fun regardless. The only downside is that I do get a lot less free time. But last week I got a cold, and I was home from school today. This weekend I made these mint chocolate truffles and here is the recipe (in Swedish). They were really delicious, so today when I didn't have anything else to do I decided to make a post about it.

Since it's almost Christmas too, I thought it might be good to post something edible. I'm also going to try really hard and blog these six days leading up to Christmas, but it is a loose promise though.

måndag 7 november 2016


Hello readers! It was my first day back to school today after a week off, and I was really tired today. Outside it's starting to get a bit colder, it's been snowing on and off for the entire day today. The first snow this year came last Thursday, and that is really quite early for this part of Sweden. Since I had a long day today at school, and it gets dark super early this time of the year, I didn't get any time to take photos today. But I did, on the other hand, take photos this Friday and I was going to post them but forgot about it. So, here are some photos from last Friday.

It basically look the same outside today, but today it was colder and the snowflakes were a bit smaller, but other than that you didn't miss out on anything. I'm hoping to get to take some good photos soon, but I only finish school early on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so it's some time until then!

onsdag 2 november 2016

Outside with Maja

Hello everybody! I didn't forget about posting today, and that really made me happy. I was very close to forget, but right before I went to bed I remembered! Today I woke up early, at seven, and went outside with Maja. It was terribly cold and humid at the same time, and the wind was too strong. Maja didn't really like it, but she followed me around for the entire time I was outside - then she went inside, sleeping for the rest of the day.

The - only - thing I like about autumn is the colours, the leaves are more than the boring green. I think today's photos turned out pretty good, simply because of the coloures of the leaves. If you look closely you can see that they are a bit wet, it's from the morning mist.

måndag 31 oktober 2016

I'm back!

Hello readers! It has been so, so long since last. Almost two months. School took much more time than expected, and since it takes me an hour to get one way, I don't have that much time left for other things. I choose to prioritize school, but I still want to keep blogging, it's just that I have not felt like I've had the time to do so. Now on the other hand, I'm having a one week vacation from school because it's Halloween etc.

It started last Thursday, but I wanted some time to think about the blog before I posted anything. Then I went to see a film with my friends on Friday and went to the stable on Saturday. But today I decided I did want to start blogging again, but now I'm not going to make any promises about when I'm going to post and what not. I'm simply going to post whenever I have time and photos for doing so, but I will say that I'm probably going to be a bit more active this week.

tisdag 23 augusti 2016

Small flowers

Hi everybody! Today's post is about small little flowers. You don't really realize how small the flowers are, but you can sort of see my hand holding the white flower. I had to hold it, because the little breeze made it move too much so the photos turned out blurry.

I had my second day of school today, and it's really good. I'm liking it this far, and tomorrow we go after the schedule and have proper lessons. Now I'm home less, because it takes more time to get to and home from school, so I probably won't be able to post every day, especially not later this autumn when it gets darker because then it will most defiantly be dark when I get home. So from now on, I'm going to try and post every other day just as it was before summer. We will see how that goes, hopefully it'll be fine!

söndag 21 augusti 2016

A couple of photos of Sessan

Hello readers! School starts tomorrow, like I mentioned in my last post. I didn't go anywhere to take any photos today, I'm still very tired from the medicine but tomorrow is also the last day I take that, so hopefully I will feel a bit more energized later in the week. Because I didn't take any photos today, I will just go ahead and post these two of Sessan. I took them at the same time as last post, but I never intended to post them, I guess I just thought I wouldn't be so tired but I still am, so this is all I have for you today.

fredag 19 augusti 2016

Maja and Sessan

Hello readers! I still feel very tired from my antibiotics, but overall I'm feeling better, so that is great. I don't recall telling you about school, but I start on Monday. Just so you know, even though it probably won't be any less frequent posting since I barely post at all anyway (but that is because I'm sick!). I have been lightly working on the book reviews, and they will hopefully be able to start to come from next week and onwards every other week.

Today's photos are of Maja and one photo is of Sessan. I heard some strange sounds outside. When I went outside I saw Maja, sitting on the edge of the roof, drinking water from the downspout. She looked at me a bit confused, and I took the camera and took some photos of her, haha. Then when I was outside, Sessan came too, so I took a photo of her as well.

tisdag 16 augusti 2016

Stockholm - Day 5

Hi everyone! As promised yesterday, here is the last part of the Stockholm series, five parts since we were there for five days. I know some of today's photos are almost like yesterdays, but I still thought both of the photos were so nice I wanted to share both variations. I also added the video I spoke about yesterday to the post, just in case anyone would like to check it out.

I am still feeling sick, but I am going to try and get some photos for the blog tomorrow. It's also time to start writing book reviews, because I read eight books this summer and didn't even review half of them! Hopefully I will be able to start posting a book review every other week again, so stay tuned for that!


måndag 15 augusti 2016

Stockholm - Day 4

Hello readers! Yes, it has been long over a week since I last posted, but I have been so, so sick. During the train ride back home Friday 5th I started feeling cold, my throat hurt. The next days I had high fever and my throat was very swollen and I almost lost my voice. Then then it started to go down into my lungs, and I got a cough. After some time with the cough I went to the doctor and apparently I had pneumonia and had to take antibiotics for ten days. The antibiotics makes my stomach hurt incredibly bad, and that made me feel unwell yet again.

Now, after eating the medicine for some days I don't feel sick anymore - the cough is gone and so on - but my stomach hurt really bad. Regardless, I do feel a little bit better now so I decided to edit the remaining photos from Stockholm and post them. The last day is going to be tomorrow, since we were there for five days. I also edited a little quick video with some clips from the trip one of the days I didn't feel super sick. I'm not too happy with it, but it's up so you can watch it.

torsdag 4 augusti 2016

Stockholm - Day 3

Hello readers! Today I did not do much, just spent most of the time inside and had a calm day, and it was really nice. Tomorrow is our last day here, and I am probably going to go out and do a little bit of shopping. There are some things I really would try and get, especially since school starts in a couple of weeks. I will probably try to take some photos tomorrow and try to make a post before the train back to Gothenburg.

Today I share with you, a photo of the sunset from Stockholm's archipelago and a hot air balloon that passed by. I thought the photos fit nicely together. And speaking of photos together, you who follow me on Instagram might have notice that it was quite a while since I posted anything. That is because my phone right now is having some problems, but hopefully I can get a new phone soon, so that will be fixed.

onsdag 3 augusti 2016

Stockholm - Day 2

Hello everybody! I have tried gathering some photos to post since last post - as I promised in that post - and I do have a bunch of photos to share with you, but it's a little bit too late today and I'm really tired. Somehow I almost forget about blogging today, and when I remembered it was late and I was about to go to bed. So I just edited these three photos for you readers today, but hopefully I will have more time and not be as tired when I get back home - train home on late Friday evening. I've also been filming little parts here and there, maybe the clips turn out decent enough for me to put it together into a clip.

Anyway, moving on to talking about the actual photos in this post. These are three photos of Stockholm, taken from the water. I might also mention that the first photo is of an amusement park, just in case you are wondering.