torsdag 28 april 2016

Lilac flowers in different lighting

Hi everyone! This was originally, by that I mean before I took the photos, to only be called "lilac flowers" but the strange weather made me add the "in different lighting"-part. I was not outside for long, but still, the lighting kept changing all the time. Some photos turned out really overexposed because I didn't think about the weather and suddenly it went from raining to sunshine. Also, when I edited these photos I noticed they looked so different in lighting they could've been from different days, but I took them all in under thirty minutes.

tisdag 26 april 2016

Video - Hailing

Hello readers! I've made a short video with some clips from when it was hailing yesterday. Just wanted to let you know! You can watch the video right here or on my YouTube channel Issapixlat. I tried something a little different, so please tell me if you liked this or not. Of course, I'm still more interested in taking photos but I really loved the sound the hailing made, so I decided to film a little bit this time.

söndag 24 april 2016

Rain and Maja

Hi readers! The weather this weekend has been very shifting. Today it has rained, snowed wet snow and right now the sun is shining. Maja was outside with me when I tried taking some photos of the rain. It stopped raining and I only took one photo of it, so I tried taking some photos of Maja and some flowers from the garden. Most of the photos I tried taking of Maja turned out blurry because she wanted me to pet her so she kept going after me when I tried to take the photos.

torsdag 21 april 2016

Window photo

Hello readers! For today's post I had originally taken some photos of Tigra but for some reason I saw that all of the photos had a strange, blue shadow across the middle. I have no idea where it came from. Thinking it might be something with my lens I took some photos from my window and just randomly in my room but it didn't happen again. I think that it might have had to do with my shirt, it's dark blue and it might have come in the way of the photos or something, I don't know for sure but that is possible.

Because of that, I don't want to post the photos with the blue shadow. So I'm just going to post this photo that I took from my window. It's not what i originally planned but I think it's an okay photo.

tisdag 19 april 2016

Chocolate squares topped with coconut

Hi everybody! It's been some time since I made a post about something I've baked. These chocolate squares are very delicious, they are topped with a chocolate frosting and coconut flakes. I found these photos, forgotten in an unnamed folder on my computer. The idea when I took the photos must have been to post them right away, but that didn't happened. So why not post these photos now instead?

söndag 17 april 2016

Green and yellow

Hi everybody! I feel like this weekend passed so quickly, I don't know where all the time went. Luckily I haven't forgot about blogging, but it was very close! In the last minute I remembered and sat down by my computer again. The photos i chose today are a bit random but I think they go together pretty nicely.

The photos are a bit like the ones in my last post. I believe it is because the weather and therefore the lighting is the same. Both these days were cloudy with a bit of rain at times. I don't like the weather but I really like the lighting.

fredag 15 april 2016

After a rain

Hello everyone! Today it was not great weather, it was rainy and cold. But it did clear up at times and I took the opportunity to go outside and take some photos during one of those occasions. When I was outside it started drizzling but I think I got some nice photos while the sun wasn't hidden behind dark clouds. I really like the effect a bit of raindrops on leafs gives, it makes really nice photos in my opinion. So today I tried taking some different photos and I think some of them came out looking pretty decent.

I hope you enjoy today's photos and that you have a nice weekend!

torsdag 14 april 2016


Hello readers! I hope you enjoyed my book review, I really recommend the book, it was really a great read. Yesterday I was supposed to have posted but I realized today that I forgot, so I'm just going to post this one photo. I took it when I was in Gothenburg during the horse show but I didn't post it because I couldn't find any other photos to upload along with it. But i suppose I can post it today, even though it might be a bit boring with only one photo. Because of that I'm going to try and post something tomorrow,  when it's Friday and everything.

måndag 11 april 2016

Book review: The Poison Tree

Title: The Poison Tree
Author: Erin Kelly
Genre: Thriller, drama
Year published: 2012
Pages: ~382
A place to buy it: If you are in Sweden you can buy the book from Bokus(in Swedish) or if that's not the case you can buy it of Amazon.
Previous book review: The Sorrows of an American

Young Karen and older Karen

This story is set in two time periods. One when Karen is older and the other during a memorable summer in her youth. Most of the story is focused around the summer, that is when she meets the siblings Biba and Rex who live together in a big, messy house and have completely different personalities. Karen meet and instantly love the colorful, aspiring actress Biba with a love for smoking pot, drinking wine and throwing parties.

Karen and the siblings Biba and Rex

Biba invites Karen to one of her parties and that is when Karen meet Rex for the first time. He is a quiet, silently loving man with a passion in house renovation. Karen is not falling head over heels for Rex during their first meeting, but the reader learn very early in the book that Karen in the other time period - when they are both older - is together with Rex and that they have a daughter together. But the reader also learn that Rex - when they are older - just have come out of jail and that Karen feels guilty for something around that.

Karen love Biba incredibly much during that summer, and even though the sometimes reckless acts Biba do, Karen is always faithful to her new best friend. Karen moves into the house during the unforgettable summer and a series of unexpected events take place. (And if I tell you what happen I will spoil the book, but it is also what happens that makes the plot amazing!)

Tying everything together nicely in the end

The author never cease to surprise me during this book. In to the very last moment I don't quite stop getting surprised, even though I kind of saw the last turn coming. I'm very happy with the book, it really felt like a roller-coaster of believable characters and plot twists. And I have to say that the turns this story takes is what makes the book great, I can't tell you what happens so you just have to read it for yourself. It's a great read, I recommend to everyone!

lördag 9 april 2016

Daffodils after a rain

Hello readers! I forgot about the flower photos I was supposed to edit for yesterday. I just realized that I forgot now, and I almost forgot about today's post because I thought I made a post yesterday. Why I forgot, I've no idea, but here are the photos. As I said in my last post, these flowers have a bit of water on them because it had been raining.

I really like the look of these flowers, and the rain made it even better. In the future, I'm probably going to make another post with them. Hopefully that is going to be soon because I don't want the daffodils to bloom out. I'm also going to post the book review tomorrow or on Monday, it's depending a little on my homework and when I get it done.

torsdag 7 april 2016

Maja and Sessan

Hello everyone! Today was such a rainy, grey and cloudy day. I took some photos of flowers with a little bit of raindrops on them, but I didn't realize I had to blog today so I didn't edit the photos. I'll try doing that tomorrow, but of course I must share something today. So I decided to share these photos of Maja and Sessan. They came outside when I went out to photograph the flowers, and then they sat together and watched some birds. They looked cute together, I thought.

I'm also currently reading La liste de mes envies by Grégoire Delacourt, it's a really great book and I very much enjoy reading it. When I'm done reading it I would like to review it, but I wanted to warn all of you that are waiting for my book reviews. Since this book is in French I can't read it as fast, so it takes longer time to read it. Because of that, I'm probably going to make a book review of the last book I read, the one before this one (a review is coming this weekend/beginning of next week) but then it might be a while until the next review.

tisdag 5 april 2016

American lemon meringue pie

Hi everybody! Last summer I made one of my favorite pies ever, the American lemon meringue pie. The pie itself is basically a lemon curd in a pie shell with meringue on top. It's very delicious! Anyways, back to last summer. I made a pie then - and forgot to add meringue to the title for some reason - but the photos of it were not that great because I covered the pie in meringue so that you couldn't see the yellow lemon curd. So when I, last week, made another pie I thought that it might be fun to share the photos of this pie too. Just because you will get a better view of the lemon curd. Also I piped the meriengue better this time, and I think the pie overall looks better now.

I hope you enjoy these photos, and if you want you can check out this post on how to make a simple 5 ingredients apple pie if you want to see more pie-posts, this one is also complete with a recipe. And of course, here is the link to last years American lemon meringue pie that I talked about.

söndag 3 april 2016

Train station in February

Hi everybody! I know, I know, it's been over a week and I haven't posted. To be honest I just didn't feel like there was anything to write or any photos to share with you at all. But now I've been to Gothenburg Horse Show, I've read a good book and I've seen spring flowers starting to bloom in the garden outside. Today I just wanted to make a short little post saying that I'm going to start blogging regularly again.

Now a quick note, I'm having a cold so the photos from the garden might have to wait a few days. Other than that I feel like I have a lot of things to share and books to read. Hopefully all of you have had a good Easter! And to explain the photos: I took them on the train station on the way home from school in late February and found them again on my phone the other day.