torsdag 4 augusti 2016

Stockholm - Day 3

Hello readers! Today I did not do much, just spent most of the time inside and had a calm day, and it was really nice. Tomorrow is our last day here, and I am probably going to go out and do a little bit of shopping. There are some things I really would try and get, especially since school starts in a couple of weeks. I will probably try to take some photos tomorrow and try to make a post before the train back to Gothenburg.

Today I share with you, a photo of the sunset from Stockholm's archipelago and a hot air balloon that passed by. I thought the photos fit nicely together. And speaking of photos together, you who follow me on Instagram might have notice that it was quite a while since I posted anything. That is because my phone right now is having some problems, but hopefully I can get a new phone soon, so that will be fixed.